I know what you are thinking: "Here we go... Another site about Angelina Jolie....". But usually, the most sites you can find about her are about others as well...Here, no other. No one else than the wonderful Angelina Jolie.
     I am regularly doing my best to give you the most about Angie. Detailed filmography with video clips and HQ captures, over 69.000 HQ pictures, 17.000 scans of magazines, loads of audio and videoclips, articles, the best links, and goodies such as wallpapers, icons, puzzles, screensavers, skins....
    I, the webmaster, and my team, are 100% devoted to Angelina Jolie, as to you. Looking for anything about Angelina? You know what site you have to visit ;)

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Last update : 19/05/2024  

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