Did you know Angelina Jolie... ... 

  •     Is one of the 50 most beautiful famous women (according to People 2000)
  •     Is one of Timothy Hutton’s ex-girlfriends
  •     Took part to a lot of humanitarian missions (including demining in Cambodia)
  •     Loves lizards and snakes (she has a lizard called Vladimir and a snake called Harry Dean Stanton)
  •     Has the phobia of being burned alive
  •     ’s hobby is to learn playing drums
  •     Collects knives since she attended a renaissance party when she was a little girl
  •     ’s favorite color is black because it fits with everything
  •     ’s favorite movie staring her father is : Anaconda
  •     Is planing to buy a 32-room hotel somewhere in Central America
  •     Was an athlete when she was young
  •     Stopped acting for a while 6 months after the end of the shooting of Gia
  •     Knows how to tattoo
  •     Wants to learn cooking and french
  •     Was and is very close to her mother and brother
  •     Always thought she looked like a funny Muppet
  •     Mostly eats red meat
  •     Has already taken cocain, E, LSD and heroin
  •     Has won the title of « woman that most men want to have sex with »
  •     ’s name would mean « cut tinny angel eyes » in Romantic language




Big thank you to Orlanne Rancelot

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