Angelina Jolie talks to Bibi Aisha about her fearless 2010 Time cover and undergoing 31 surgeries after she was mutilated by her Taliban husband

        Angelina Jolie shared her new interview with Bibi Aisha - the young woman whose shocking 2010 cover on Time Magazine lifted the veil on the plight of many women in Afghanistan. The Maleficent star, 47, sat down to speak with Bibi, 30, for another Time story - which she shared to her Instagram on Tuesday - where they discussed how she overcame being horribly mutilated by her husband under Taliban rule. When Aisha was 14, her father promised her in marriage to a Taliban fighter to pay a debt. She was handed over to his family who abused her and forced her to sleep in the stable with the animals.When she attempted to flee, she was caught and her nose and ears were hacked off by her husband as punishment. 'They abused me every day. I didn’t have any rights,' Bibi told the Hollywood star, recounting how she then ran away, but was eventually sent back. She made international headlines in 2010 when she appeared on the now-iconic cover of Time magazine with a gaping wound in the center of her face where a nose should be. Bibi had since underwent 31 surgeries and told Angelina she plans on becoming a nurse so that she can 'help people.' 'This is my goal. I want to become a nurse to help people. I’ve had 31 surgeries, which means I have a lot of experience in the medical world. I want to help people who are hurting and say to them, if I could get through my darkest hours, you can.' Bibi started out the interview recalling her tragic story and how she was mutilated by her husband and other Taliban members after her failed escape attempt. 'My so-called husband came by and took me to the mountains. They tied my hands and my feet. And they cut my first ear, and then another ear and then my nose. And then he said, "We don’t care about you. We want to leave you here to die."' Despite being left for dead in the mountains, Bibi survived and was eventually brought for treatment to an American military base. 'They treated me like a family member. They saved my life. Someone in America accepted my case and said they would do my surgery.' 'I spent nine months in a shelter. I had no idea what would happen to me. And suddenly TIME magazine came to me and took my picture. They opened the door for me.' Angelina interjected: 'It caused outrage of course, because people saw what was done. And then we are now, many years after, at seeing those same people that harmed you are in charge of the country. And all that we then learned and were outraged about, we know is happening every day.' Bibi then stressed the importance of education: 'It's very important, education. My grandmother told me "Someone can take everything away from you, but one thing they can't take away from you is knowledge."' The new interview comes after Angelina's visit to Iraq. The Oscar-winning actress posted several images to her Instagram page earlier this month from the war-torn country. 'An emotional day with my friend @Nadia_Murad, who I was honored to spend the day with in Sinjar in Iraq,' began the mother of six, who had tears in her eyes in the images. The Salt star said that her Nobel Price laureate friend Nadia is doing so much through Nadia's Initiative to help the Yazidi people and other communities. The people in Sinjar are recovering after struggling through 'conflict and genocide,' noted Jolie. 'She took me to the home she grew up in Kocho village,' began the ex-wife of Brad Pitt.She added her pal took her to her old school where ISIS mil itants separated women and men before enslaving and mass murdering them. The red carpet favorite added that 'many are still missing and the fight for justice continues.' Her hashtags included one for Yazidi genocide.'


source : Daily mail  youtube

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