'An emotional day': Angelina Jolie breaks down in tears in Sinjar as she surveys heartbreak post genocide... after promoting perfume in Paris

             Angelina Jolie visited Iraq on Wednesday.The Oscar-winning actress posted several images to her Instagram page the following day as she noted what she did when in the war-torn country. 'An emotional day with my friend @Nadia_Murad, who I was honored to spend the day with in Sinjar in Iraq,' began the mother of six, who had tears in her eyes in the images. The Salt star said that her Nobel Price laureate friend Nadia is doing so much through Nadia's Initiative to help the Yazidi people and other communities. The people in Sinjar are recovering after struggling through 'conflict and genocide,' noted Jolie. Jolie was last seen in Paris on Monday as she visited the Guerlain offices; the star donates her modeling fee from the perfume company to charity. 'She took me to the home she grew up in Kocho village,' began the ex-wife of Brad Pitt. She added her pal took her to her old school where ISIS militants separated women and men before enslaving and mass murdering them. 'And the cemetery where the remains of Kocho residents have been laid to rest,' shared the Tomb Raider star. The red carpet favorite added that 'many are still missing and the fight for justice continues.' Her hashtags included one for Yazidi genocide.' Sinjar is a town in the Sinjar District of the Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq. Its population in 2013 was estimated at nearly 90K and is predominantly Yazidi.  In December evidence collected in Iraq strengthened preliminary findings that Islamic State extremists committed crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Christian community after it seized about a third of the country in 2014, a U.N. investigative team said in a report. The report to the U.N. Security Council said crimes included forcibly transferring and persecuting Christians, seizing their property, engaging in sexual violence, enslavement and other 'inhumane acts,' such as forced conversions and destruction of cultural and religious sites. In addition, the team said it has identified leaders and prominent members of the Islamic State extremist group who participated in the attack and takeover of three predominantly Christian towns in the Nineveh plains north of Iraq´s second largest city, Mosul, in July and August 2014 - Hamdaniyah, Karamlays and Bartella. It also started collecting evidence on crimes committed against the Christian community in Mosul. Islamic State fighters seized Iraqi cities and declared a self-styled caliphate in a large swath of territory in Syria and Iraq in 2014. The group was formally declared defeated in Iraq in 2017 following a three-year bloody battle that left tens of thousands dead and cities in ruins, but its sleeper cells continue to stage attacks in different parts of Iraq. Jolie was last seen in Paris. The star was spotted leaving the Guerlain Boutique at the Champs Elysees in France's glamorous city on Monday evening. The actress, 47, was mobbed by fans while out in the French Capital but still made time to sign autographs for them. She showed off her sensational style in a black trench coat, which she wore over a cream dress. Angelina boosted her height in a pair of black heels, while carrying a chic white handbag with gold detail.  The beauty sported a bronzed makeup palette underneath a pair of oversized sunglasses.  Her brunette locks blew effortlessly in the win as she made her way through the crowds with her security guards.  In 2017 it was reported by People that Jolie donates her entire modeling fee she receives from Guerlain to help refugees.


source : Daily mail 

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