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Absolument Jolie : Where were you born ? I don't ask your age :)
Francesca Vegas : I was born in Barcelona in Spain.

AJ : Since when you're a fan of Angelina Jolie ?
FV : I have liked Angelina since I watched her first Tomb Raider movie.I love action films and I think she is an amazing heroine.

AJ : Since when you're an official lookalike actress? how happen the life of lookalike ?
FV : I have been working as her lookalike for about seven years.Being a professional model enables me to attend lots of castings. I was told that I looked like her by lots of directors.

AJ : What is your favourite Angelina's movie ?
FV : My favorite film is " The Changeling " because it is very emotional.

AJ : Have you ever met Angelina? If so, could you tell me more ?
FV : Yes, I've met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.The truth is that they were both very kind to me.Their team obviously arranged the meeting.

AJ : If not, what would be your reaction? Which topic would be your discussion ?
FV : There are lots of topics!She's a very intelligent woman and she's lived her life very intensely.
She's a source of wisdom, both at personal and professional levels.

AJ : Are you inspired by Angelina as part of UNHCR's actions?
FV : She does an amazing humanitarian work.
I also try to make the world a better place,a more equitable and fair place.
Injustice is what I hate most in this world.Even with that many people think I'm like Angelina.

AJ : What do you think of Angelina recent statements about his health?
FV : I think she was very brave.
Many celebrities conceal their health problems for fear that people might criticize them.
She showed her face to help other women who might be going through the same situation.

AJ : How does your husband/boyfriend think about your lookalike status? Does he like Angelina Jolie too?
FV : Apart from working as Angelina's lookalike,I've also been an actress and a model since I was a teenager.My personal life has always been linked to the artistic world.

AJ : Do you have children? wish you much in Angelina?
FV : Not yet.I don't rule out having them soon.I love children.They are our future.They're the most important human beings.

AJ : What are your hobbies? passions?
FV : I like everything related to culture and art.I like to write and draw.I also love to listen.Listening to interesting people makes me feel relaxed.But above all I love to learn from them.A slightly special hobby,don't you think?

AJ  :Have you done some chirurgical modifications to look like more Angelina ?
FV : No, my physical resemblance is purely accidental. Just look at me! The truth is that I'm scared of surgery and having to go through all that just to look like someone else… No, I don't think I would dare, especially after seeing some celebrities' results

AJ  : Does people often ask you if you are Angelina in the street ?
FV : Yes, they do. When I'm working or I'm attending an event because there's usually a group of fans or staff around me.
If I'm walking in the street on my own they look twice in order to make sure what they see.
AJ  : What about cinema ? Do you want to play more ? not as Angie look a like ?

FV : I've been an actress since I was a teenager. I've played Angelina many times. I'm lucky I can have my own professional identity.
AJ  : In which Angelina’s movie would you want to play instead of Angie ?
FV : I'd like to play her in any of her movies. She's a great actress and I think all her performances are extraordinary
AJ  : Have you ever played to Tomb Raider videogame ?
FV : Of course I have. My friends really think playing Tomb Raider with me is so cool

AJ : Did you see ALL the movies of Angelina ? If yes, which movie is the worst according to you ?
FV : The worst? None. Perhaps there's one I didn't like that much Life or something like it for instance. Her platinum blond hair doesn't look very convincing to me. On the contrary, her performance is brilliant, but I don't really like the plot.

AJ  : Do you know some other Angie look a like ?
FV : No, I don't.

AJ  : Will you see her next movie By the sea ?
FV : Of course. I'm really looking forward to it!

AJ  : What about Brad, do you like him ?
FV : I admire Brad Pitt as the great actor he is. As a man, I think he's one of the most good -looking men in the world
AJ  : Have you ever been to France ?
FV : Yes, I have. Many times. I've been to Paris Cote d'Azur in the summer for a holiday and Normandy. I love France. It's a wonderful country.

AJ  : And the last , could you send us an exclusive selfie for Absolument JOLIE ?
FV : Sure! There you go.


Interview 12/07/2015 by email (updt 06/10/2015)

Very big thank you Francesca !









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