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2011 : Bamboo Shark (comédie)
2010 : La légende de Superplus Maximus (Comédie)
2010 : P Lo's House (Téléfilm - comédie)
2008 : Spartatouille (Peplum comique)
2006 : The Chelsea Handler Show 




Tiffany Claus
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Absolument Jolie : Where were you born ? I don't ask your age :)
Tiffany ClausI was born in Maryland . I am 35. I have a son and daughter I love dearly! my son is in high school and daughter is in middle school this year.
I work for the state or Maryland and assist impoverished families and veterans with free food and medical care. My passion, no kidding, is helping the needy and helping build confidence in the less fortunate. I believe giving is always a kind act but giving a genuine smile and words of compassion go so much farther in terms of helping build up confidence and personal hope in society

AJ : Since when you re a fan of Angelina Jolie ?
TCI became a fan of Angelina when I saw her in Gia, but honestly I didnt see that movie until after I found out about her after she played my hero, Lara Croft.

AJ : Since when you're an official lookalike actress? how happen the life of lookalike ?
TCMy love of puzzle games, weapons and jungles is how I found my calling as a look alike. I started playing the video game Lara Croft tomb raider in 1998 and thought Croft was a total bad ass so I would dress up as her for Halloween parties. I posted one of the photos from 2001 on a social media profile.  A few years passed and I continued getting every passerby tell me who I resembled. I thought it was a great compliment but I wasn't really convinced because when i see my refection I only see myself and my flaws. All the things that make me an individual. But one day at work, I got a phone call from Los Angeles, CA. It was a talent seeker for the Tyra Banks show ( 2005.)
They were calling me because they were having a special episode and wanted at least one guest who really looked like a celebrity. They invited me to be flown across the county to be on her show for a professional tomb raider makeover.
 I said yes of course, as long as I could do my own makeup LOL (which is my one stipulation on all my gigs and roles I take.)

AJ : What is your favourite Angelina's movie ?
TCMy favorite Angelina Jolie film is a close tie between Gia and Salt


AJ : Have you ever met Angelina? If so, could you tell me more ?
TCI haven't met Angie but I want to someday. I am under the impression that she knows of me.

AJ : If not, what would be your reaction? Which topic would be your discussion ?
TC : I honestly have no idea how dumbfounded I would be to finally meet her. She's been such a huge part of my life for the past 15 years.
I feel almost as if she is a long lost sister to me considering how much we have in common.

AJ : Are you inspired by Angelina as part of UNHCR's actions?
TC : Absolutely! Its very noble of her to share her love and wealth.

AJ : What do you think of Angelina recent statements about his health?
TC : The media tends to blow everything out of proportion to sell their products despite the repercussions they cause for the said people they fabricate stories about. The only good thing that comes from gossip media is that they push the celebrity's popularity up whether good or bad. I believe Angie is a very strong willed individual and knows her body better than anyone else. If she says she sick, then I would consider that but any other source is questionable to me. The more influential a person becomes and isn't flashing their happiness and success to the world, the more the world wants to fish for information by saying negative things in hopes of getting a reaction.

AJ : How does your husband/boyfriend think about your lookalike status? Does he like Angelina Jolie too?
TCMy boyfriend is happy and secure with me and proud of my accomplishments that I work hard for. He knows I love him and that I'm just as proud of him and his accomplishments too.

AJ : What are your hobbies? passions?
TCMy passion is love; and showing the world what beauty God intended us all to see and know. My hobbies are singing, painting, scrabble, puzzle games, solving problems and fixing anything, especially mechanical things.

AJ : Have you done some chirurgical modifications to look like more Angelina ?
TC : I know there are other Jolie look alikes that had surgery to resemble Angelina Jolie, but I am 100% NATURAL. I was born with my resemblance. Like I mentioned in another answer about how I got started in the look alike business, I never intended to imitate Angelina.

AJ : Have you ever played to Tomb Raider videogame ?
TC : I was dressing up as Lara Croft from the original video game that I loved playing in my high school days. So yes, I played that game.

AJ : Does people often ask you if you are Angelina in the street ?
TC : People do tell me that I look like Angelina everywhere I go. Even my clients sometimes mention it and some clients even say that they have watched movies I was in or tv shows I have appeared on. ( Maury Povich 2006, 2007 and 2008. Chelsea Handler 2006, Tyra Banks 2005, TMZ 2007, Regis and Kelly 2008, Family Feud look alike week, and several others in between)

AJ : What about cinema ? Do you want to play more ? not as Angie look a like ?
TC : Film acting is fun and I would love to do more movies but my full time job is now servicing the needy and impoverished population in my state here in the US. I cant really up and leave my job to make movies anymore but someday I might relocate and be able to do more movies and acting in films. My dream is to do both things. Right now it just isnt realistic.

AJ : Will you see her next movie By the sea ?
TC : I will definately see Angelina's next movie.  By the Sea looks really good. Very dramatic and sexy.

AJ : Did you see ALL the movies of Angelina ? If yes, which movie is the worst according to you ?
TC : I have seen all of her films. How could I not? She is an amazing artist on screen. The only one I didn't really love was Life or Something LIke it. I love comedies, but I think she is her best in serious roles. I commend her though for trying different roles and genres of acting.

AJ : Have you ever been to France ?
TC : I have not been to France but I would love to visit there someday.

AJ : Do your child like Angelina ? How do thery perceive your job ?
TC : My kids like Angelina very much. They grew up into a life of mommy traveling and playing the part of Angelina . I can only imagine how that was for them when I'd leave for weeks to film movies to play a part that was imitating a movie star. I suppose Angelina=Mommy to them when they were very small. But now they are teenagers and understand it better but its still all the same to them.

AJ :  And the last , could you send us an exclusive selfie for Absolument JOLIE ?
TC : Thank you so much for your interest in my life and work. I am so very flattered. I will send some selfies soon. 

Interview 02/09/2015 by facebook

Very big thank you Tiffany!



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